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Mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics has become an essential tool for elucidating biological processes at protein level. Over the past decades, quantitative MS technologies has led to many exciting discoveries in the biomedical field, empowering the in-depth characterization of disease-related proteomes and interactomes and revealing biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

We offer accurate protein quantification via global (shotgun) or targeted mass spectrometry:

  • Global proteome analysis: Reveals alterations in protein expression profiles of healthy vs treated/disease organoid models by shotgun mass spectrometry. Provides accurate quantification of thousands of proteins.
  • Targeted proteome analysis: Hypothesis-driven method that enables the measurement of middle-to-low abundance proteins that are commonly not detectable by shotgun mass spectrometry. Provides accurate quantification of a subset (1-50) of selected proteins.
Mass spectrum

The integration of proteome analysis and the organoid technology is a powerful strategy for revealing new biomarkers and novel therapeutic targets and deciphering molecular mechanisms underlying human organ development and disease.

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