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Advanced services

Our team of highly-skilled scientists has expertise in advanced technology ranging from 3D biological models to single cell molecular mechanisms and pathways. We established and fine-tunned protocols for the generation of cutting-edge organoid models and have expertise in 3D imaging and analysis, proteomics, single cell Omic technologies and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven Omics data interpretation. Our team has decades of experience on managing complex and challenging projects with high-quality and efficiency. We offer thorough and specialized services within diverse scientific areas.

Viability Assay

We offer cell viability assay services for a wide range of applications, including high-throughput screening, cell proliferation and safety/cytotoxicity assessments.

The number of viable cells within organoids is determined using ATP-based assays.

Large scale RNA and DNA extraction

Nucleic acid extraction is a crucial step in many molecular biology applications, ranging from analysis of gene expression levels and clinical diagnostic tests for infectious diseases to epigenetic studies and microbiome testing of environmental samples.

Our team is highly specialized in RNA and DNA extraction methodologies.

We offer:

  • Large-scale RNA and DNA extraction from various sample types, such as tissue, cell cultures, microbes and body fluids
  • Accurate Results: high-quality extraction ensuring reliable and accurate downstream results.
  • High yield and purity for downstream applications
  • Turnaround time: efficient extraction services with rapid turnaround times
  • Customization and scalability: solutions tailored to specific project requirements
  • Compatibility with various analytical techniques (PCR, sequencing, genotyping, etc)
  • Access to knowledgeable experts who can address queries and provide guidance

mRNA quantification by RT-qPCR

Zenit has a dedicated team supporting the analysis of nucleic acids in multiple biological matrices. We are equipped with cutting-edge Real Time qPCR (RTqPCR) platforms to provide highly sensitive qPCR detection.

We offer:

  • High Sensitivity and Specificity: Detection and quantification of target RNA molecules even at low concentrations.
  • Quantitative Analysis: Accurate measurement of gene expression levels. Absolute and relative ΔΔCt gene expression analysis.
  • Speed and Efficiency: We offer high-throughput analysis, enabling the processing of a large number of samples in a short amount of time.
  • Versatility: Our experienced scientists can analyze a wide variety of RNA targets, including mRNA, microRNA, and viral RNA.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Our RT-qPCR assays will be customized to meet your specific needs. ensuring reliable and reproducible results.
  • Exon-skipping analysis

Contact us to discuss your specific needs for nucleic acid detection

Exon-skipping analysis

Exon skipping (ES) is the most common alternative splicing event resulting in the loss of an exon. ES leads to a variety of human diseases and targeting ES events is an attractive therapeutic strategy.

If you are designing drugs targeting ES events, our ES analysis will confirm the specificity and evaluate the efficacy of your therapeutic strategy, assisting the further you in drug design and development.

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