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Innovative solutions to drive tomorrow’s scientific discoveries

At Zenit Science, we are passionate about transforming scientific breakthroughs into life-changing solutions. As a Norwegian life science company, we focus on developing innovative medications to combat serious diseases. Our mission is clear: to pioneer novel treatments and create cutting-edge tools that redefine medical science.


Cytotoxicity testing

Determine whether your compound exhibits toxic effects on mammalian cells.

Antimicrobial assay

Determine how effective your compound is in preventing bacterial growth and survival, and how fast it acts.


Our cutting-edge organoid models can replace or reduce your need for animal testing, advance your understanding of disease mechanisms, accelerate drug discovery and guide personalized treatment approaches.

Advanced services

Our team of highly skilled scientists offer their expertise in advanced technologies ranging from 3D biological models to artificial intelligence (AI)-driven single cell bioinformatic analysis.


Immunohistochemistry, advanced Imaging and analysis

We offer specialized services for immunohistochemistry (IHC) and high resolution confocal microscopy

Single cell transcriptomics

We have refined protocols to efficiently dissociate cells and nuclei from a range of tissue samples such as brain tissues, tumors, and organoids



We offer accurate protein quantification via global and targeted proteome analyses


Harness our proficiency in both standard and AI-driven bioinformatics to obtain cutting-edge analysis of differentially expressed genes, proteins, and pathways impacted by gene dysfunction, disease or treatment.


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